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National Electronics Week (NEW) takes place in London this week, June 17 to 19, 2008, with exhibitors from global locales bringing new equipment and processes to the U.K. market. Following are the new cleaning systems, reflow ovens, print platforms, solder materials, and other elements on display at the show.

Almit Ltd is launching a dipping paste featuring strong tack performance and wetting force, targeting applications with significant package warpage and package-on-package (PoP) fluxing applications during reflow. LFM 48 N dipping paste is an alternative to gel pastes traditionally used in BGA PoP stacked device applications and holds larger-area devices that often exhibit warpage during reflow. The paste is a combination of ultra-fine solder spheres and a flux vehicle optimized for a long open time in a dipping tray. It offers reliability advantages to board assemblers at both solder melt and peak reflow temperatures. LFM 48 N is designed to deliver consistent dipping transfer characteristics coupled with a strong tack performance to hold large devices in position on high-speed pick-and-place systems. It deploys Almit's low-voiding, thermally stable flux technology. The no-clean, lead-free LFM 48 N formulation comprises Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5 with a solder powder size of 4 to 24 µm (Almit size 'N'). It features 8-hour open time in a dipping tray (at 23°C and 50% RH) and up to eight hours process window time between dipping and reflow. Stand C18. www.almit.com.

trident-3.jpgAqueous Technologies Corp. will demonstrate the Trident automatic defluxing system on the show's working production line, together with an Aqueous StencilWasher-ECO semi-automatic stencil cleaner for solder paste removal. Trident's specific throughput rate is determined by board size. It offers several defluxing configurations, up to five cycles including prewash, wash, rinse, cleanliness testing, and drying. Prewash, if selected, may consist of a steam soak, high-pressure DI water spray, or chemical spray and soak. The wash cycle uses environmentally responsible defluxing solutions, neutralizing and solublizing flux and other residues. The rinse cycle is controlled by the built-in cleanliness tester automatically, based on selected cleanliness requirements. The dry cycle uses a unique combination of radiant and convection heat. Trident is equipped with an automatic chemical management system and an inverse-mounted vertically oriented spray pump that virtually eliminates pump-caused dragout. Built-in statistical process control (SPC) data capturing technology allows users to view historical SPC data, including actual cleanliness results, both at the machine and remotely. At the Altus stand A40. www.aqueoustech.com.

3000FS-Productronica.jpgBPM Microsystems will display its latest Flashstream automated programming technology, the 3000FS. Designed to solve excessive programming times in current in-system, JTAG, and in-circuit programming production methods, the 3000FS is modeled from the BPM 3710 handler and contains four Flashstream programming sites. Rated at 1100 devices per hour, 3000FS handles parts in tray, tube, or tape for device input or output. Also on display will be the HelixFS, modeled after the BPM Helix tabletop handling system. Rated at 800 devices per hour, the HelixFS gives customers the option to use Flashstream sites or BPM's current universal site technology that supports over 28,000 device part numbers. The HelixFS has the ability to switch between the dedicated flash sites and universal sites, to adapt to production needs. The manual Flashstream as well as the universal device programmers will also be on display with demonstrations of 2-Gbit Samsung NAND flash memory device being programmed in 31.1 seconds with a full data pattern. In distributor Adaptsys' booth F40. flashstream.bpmmicro.com.

pyramax.jpgBTU Europe will showcase the Pyramax 100 range as an eight-zone air (100A) or low-consumption nitrogen (100N) solution, both providing repeatable process control to ease the transition to lead-free. With a flexible platform configuration, BTU's proprietary closed-loop convection control has been built into the forced impingement convection oven, with side-to-side air/gas recirculation to enhance temperature uniformity and guarantee process repeatability from system to system and site to site. With a maximum temperature of 350°C, it provides convection efficiency to reduce zone temperature set points. The Pyramax 100's water cooling system features closed-loop cooling control for variable cooling rates and increased process control, with a sliding heat exchanger assembly to enable easy access for maintenance. The BTU Flux Management System traps flux from the process chamber to prevent it from settling within the oven. Pyramax 100 also provides multiple extraction locations, together with 'on the fly' maintenance. Bundled specifications include a conveyor speed of 254 to 1524 mm/min; eight top/eight bottom heat zones with a heated length of 2540 mm, and also WINCON Control software, Smart Product Tracking, belt and rail conveyors with fine mesh belts, high power heaters, retractable center support, automatic wafer handling/width adjustment, gas sampling, and dynamic gas idle. Stand C20. www.btu.com.

pcb_assembly.jpgContax Ltd. will be launching new products, offering free live X-ray inspection, and two of its production systems will form part of NEW's live assembly line demonstration at Stand A80. On the line will be the new Speedline MPM 125 printer that will be launched at the show, and the Universal Instruments Genesis placement machine. Contax will be inviting visitors to bring in sample boards for a X-ray inspection using a phoenix nanome|x. The resulting images can then be recorded on the visitors' own memory stick to take away for future reference. This offer is available on a 'first come, first served' basis. The sample can measure up to 460 × 360 mm with a maximum weight of 10 kg. Contax will be launching the Speedline MPM 125 printer for low- to medium-volume applications, providing high ±12.5 µm accuracy at 6 sigma and excellent repeatability. The company also will introduce the Essemtec SP600 batch printer for medium-volume production or as a standalone to cover peak loads, with a shuttle system. Finally, Contax will release the Essemtec Pantera-XV placement machine, available in two models: Pantera-XV with vision, and the basic version, Pantera-X. Furthermore, a range of Rommel laser marking equipment will be on show for the first time in the U.K. This includes a laser marker for top and bottom side marking, product stacker, and out-feed conveyor. Additional equipment on the stand will include the Komax Kappa 330 cut and strip machine and Komax bt 722 benchtop press for cable assembly. For reflow and soldering, the Essemtec RO300FC reflow oven, ATF VP400 vapor phase soldering system, Pillarhouse Jade selective soldering and MTA BT303 bentchtop robotic soldering will be on display. Other systems include Omron VT-RNS in-line optical inspection system, McDry DXU501 humidity cabinet, and Kolb PS31 cleaning system. Stands E70 and E71. www.contax.co.uk.

CyberOptics Limited will highlight its Flex HR AOI system. Flex HR is an enhanced-resolution AOI system with inspection performance for 01005 components and larger. High-speed, it suits assembly lines producing a wide range of products, including memory, notebook, mobile phone, and automotive assemblies. Base system features include high-speed pre- and post-reflow inspection capabilities, and proprietary SAM vision technology that learns as the process varies providing the lowest escape and false-call rate combination in the industry. This software also enables inspection on any component or feature such as chips, ICs, empty locations, lead-free solder joints, gold fingers, connectors, clips, and screws. Recent system enhancements include barcode reading with system cameras, dual-stage defect review and repair, and lot management improvements, along with an easy-to-use operator user interface (OUI). The new OUI for inspection and defect review provides operators a simple, intuitive graphical user interface with a look and feel similar to the user interface on the CyberOptics' SE 300 solder paste inspection machine, which will also be at the show. In distributor Anglo Production Processes Ltd Stand B20 and B30. www.cyberoptics.com.

th_283962.bmpDEK will exhibit its print platforms, Productivity Tools, precision screens, and stencils and consumables at the show, as well as participating in the Production Live! environment. The Horizon 03i print platform will be on display as a scalable system for long-term flexibility. Now equipped with a new gull-wing cover for enhanced accessibility and convenience, Horizon 03i is newly compatible with Productivity Tools including the Cyclone understencil cleaner. DEK also will exhibit its HawkEye high-speed print verification solution and HD Grid-Lok automatic high-density tooling solution. The Horizon 01i print platform will be on the live production line at the show. Driven by DEK's next generation Instinctiv V9 advanced machine/user interface, Horizon 01i includes features such as enhanced parameter editing, command availability, and real-time feedback. Visitors also can learn about DEK's VectorGuard technology, from the original, stainless steel VectorGuard Blue through to VectorGuard PumpPrint for cost-effective adhesive deposition. Stand A10. www.dek.com.

Process%20window%20SN100C_1.jpgDKL Metals Ltd. will promote the Cobar XF3 lead-free solder paste, developed to accommodate extended reflow profiles without the use of nitrogen. The paste completes the family of Cobar products based on Nihon Superior's proprietary SN100C alloy. SN100C has demonstrated superior long-term fatigue strength over silver-containing SAC alloys, the company reports. Being free of silver, SN100C reportedly remedies copper migration into the tin regions of the solder joint. With XF3, wetting on all common metal surfaces is excellent, yielding shiny joints reminiscent of leaded solders. It exhibits a robust printing window, printing at 150 to 200 mm/sec. SN100C-XF3 performs better in eliminating voiding when compared to SAC alloys, according to the company. Stand G61. www.dklmetals.co.uk.

Europlacer will display its iineo platform at the show. The iineo I will be in the booth, demonstrating device handling from 01005 to 102 mm2 as well as the quick changeover capability of Europlacer's machines. Also, an iineo II placement system will be running on the live production line at the show. The iineo platform features many improvements to the Europlacer machine range such as a higher feeder count, increased board size, and increased maximum component height. iineo is widely configurable, with single or dual linear motor gantry including a rotary turret head with 8 or 12 pickups, one or two board positioning mechanisms, oversized board options, and feeders in front and rear or front only. The single-head iineo can handle maximum PCB sizes of 700 × 460 mm with options to handle larger. The double-head system can handle maximum PCB sizes of 500 × 460 mm. Both the single and dual-head iineo systems can handle minimum PCB sizes of 60 × 60 mm, board thickness of 0.5 to 4.5 mm, maximum weight of 3 kg, and under-board clearance of 25 mm. Board location on both is full edge clamping with fiducial correction, and both systems feature a SMEMA interface. The single-head iineo features one nozzle with 40 positions in its "smart" nozzle tool bank, and the dual-head configuration provides two nozzles. Both systems feature standard placement accuracy of 35 (QFPs) to 60 µm (chips), full range of intelligent feeders for 8-88 mm tapes for components in plastic sticks and matrix trays, and a feeder capacity of 264 Ø 8 mm. Options include glue dispense with Archimedean screw, electrical test, fixed camera, conveyor auto-width adjustment, special nozzle magazine, and other items. Europlacer's intelligent feeder technology is used across the whole range of its SMT placers. This new platform is accompanied by software products such as multi-job optimization and wireless stock management linked to ERP. Stand C30. www.europlacer.com.

Europlacer has entered into an agreement to distribute the EVEST (Taiwan) mid- to high-speed placement machine alongside its Europlacer range of equipment in the U.K. and France. The company will premier EVEST systems at NEW. The products boast simple feeders and conventional pipette heads. It will be displayed alongside other distribution products, including Europlacer pick-and-place systems, Speedprint stencil printers, SAKI AOI systems, DAGE X-ray machines, and HEXI reflow ovens.

dross4.jpgEVS International will showcase the EVS 1000 solder recovery system, a smaller, lighter version of the EVS 3000/6000, with all of the recovery performance of the standard and lead-free solder units. The smaller size and footprint help reduce cost, but still provide a capacity of 10 lb (5kg) of dross. The EVS 1000 converts waste dross into pure solder in minutes, while improving the wave solder machine process. This provides a cleaner wave with less maintenance, less downtime, and a reduction in shorts and bridging as well as the potential to discontinue the use of messy wave oils and/or dross reduction powders. The EVS 1000 is aimed at small- to medium-sized users that typically have one to three wave solder machines and must regularly dedross or use nitrogen to reduce drossing. By using the EVS, nitrogen can be dramatically reduced or eliminated, resulting in significant cost savings. The EVS 1000 will increase EVS International's coverage of the wave solder marketplace, the company expects. In distributor Vtech Smt Ltd.'s stand B41. www.solderrecovery.com.

th_0709smtprods02.jpgKIC will highlight its KIC Explorer thermal profiler. KIC Explorer features a compact design to suit restrictive process dimensions encountered in today's thermal applications. It incorporates state-of-the-art SMT technology and high-temperature rated components. As a standard feature, the profiler has 12 thermocouples in a miniature-TC harness design, which is reportedly less expensive than using a standard Type-K thermocouple. It also is available in a standard Type-K, seven-channel model. The KIC Explorer provides a high sampling rate, greater memory capacity, and superior data precision, according to the company. Thermal profile data are transferred to a user's computer via USB connection. The product is powered by standard AAA batteries; rechargeable batteries are optional. Its software has a graphical interface that guides operators through profiling tasks. All critical profile and process data are measured, including slope, peak temperature, and time above liquidus. The software also measures the Process Window Index (PWI) statistic, which mathematically identifies a profile's "fit" to the available process window. A PWI less than 100 indicates an in-spec profile. A PWI value of zero represents the center of the process window. Manual prediction capability comes standard with the KIC Explorer. Optional KIC Auto-Focus automates process improvement and optimization. In distributor Link Hamson's stand F81. www.kicthermal.com.

th_284178.jpgKyzen Corporation will introduce AQUANOX A4241 PCB and stencil cleaner. Also being demonstrated on the working production line at NEW, AQUANOX A4241 is designed with an inhibition technology to be effective on the toughest soils while protecting even the most sensitive parts from etch or darkening. It can be used in a multi-process environment in spray batch, spray in-line, and stencil cleaning processes. A4241 targets shiny solder joints with no sump-side additives and consistent cleaning results with minimal bath monitoring. The cleaner is multi-metal safe including bare aluminum and copper. A non-flammable, non-corrosive liquid, it has proven compatible with all materials commonly used in electronics assembly manufacturing and cleaning processes, including nearly 300 soldering materials. AQUANOX A4241 is a non-hazardous, biodegradable aqueous solution that contains no CFCs or HAPs. In distributor Fraser Technologies' stand G41. www.kyzen.com.

MV3.JPGMIRTEC Europe will showcase its MV-3L desktop AOI system with five cameras. Fully configured, the MV-3L provides one top-down camera and four side-view cameras. Each camera provides a native resolution of 2 megapixels. The system's proprietary "Quad Angle Lighting System" provides four independently programmable zones for optimal illumination of inspection areas. The MV-3L features Intelli-Beam Laser System, which provides the ability to precisely measure the Z-height of a given region of interest. This enables four-point height measurement capability for coplanarity testing of BGA and CSP devices as well as enhanced solder paste measurement capability. The AOI system features simple and powerful software. A comprehensive Package Type Library provides simple "Drag and Drop" component programming. The Automatic Teaching Tool (ATT) provides automatic teaching of component locations using CAD centroid data. Typical programming time is under one hour per assembly. The standard SPC software package promotes continuous process improvement by allowing the user to track and eliminate defects on inspected assemblies. The company also plans to highlight its MV-7L in-line AOI system, with Quad Angle lighting, automatic board support, and other in-line features. In TestWorks Limited's Stand G48 and H51. www.mirteceurope.com.

MFR-2222%20for%20web.jpgOK International will launch a range of products at NEW, including the PS-900 soldering technology, MFR-2200 series soldering and rework system, and PCT-1000 programmable preheater. The PS-900 soldering system is engineered to deliver high power with superior thermal control at a low cost of ownership. It targets high-thermal-demand applications, including lead-free solders, multi-layer boards, and high-mass components. Powered by OK's SmartHeat Technology, the PS-900 can provide a fast response when under load, while eliminating the potential for thermal overshoot. OK International will demonstrate its MFR-2200 for production hand soldering, touch-ups, and SMD rework. The product enables users to operate one or two different handpieces at the same time. The PCT-1000 preheater is engineered to simultaneously lower soldering and rework temperatures and improve process efficiency. It suits high-thermal-demand applications. OK International also will be using the NEW platform to display its range of production assembly equipment, including soldering and rework systems, advanced package rework, benchtop fume extraction, and fluid dispensing systems. Stand G40. www.okinternational.com.

For more information about NEW, visit www.nationalelectronicsweek.co.uk.


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